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Ten years of service for Alrewas Hayes wedding venue

February, the month for lovers! This month we’ve been thinking about weddings and more importantly how every last detail has to be right. Presentation is key when it comes to your perfect day. Let’s just imagine the guest list is drawn up and re-drawn and drawn up again, your vows are written, the perfect dress has been found and now it’s just down one thing on your to-do list before you can send out your classic themed invites- the venue.

You visit a few venues but nothing feels quite right until you see Alrewas Hayes, who are chic and stylish, a fabulous venue designed to meet your exact needs with the added benefit of being exclusively yours. As well as recently being named one of the top 100 wedding venues in the UK they also offer a wide range of services to suit every couple.

Being involved in a couples wedding day, saying yes to every request and making sure every need of the Brides / Grooms are attended to is nearly as stressful as planning the whole wedding. After all, venue is perhaps the most important element of a couple’s day.

I do, clean these carpets for better or for worse

After a successful wedding day, there is always mess on the carpets, from guest’s shoes, spilt cake and prosecco and the occasional case of vomit from those very nervous or those very drunk.

That’s why Alrewas Hayes have been a customer of ours for the past ten years. We’re there every ten to twelve weeks making sure that the carpets are pristine, everywhere from the Honeymoon Suite, various exclusive rooms, their offices, various rugs and mats and even a cottage out building. The venue dates back to the 1700’s and has been beautifully restored which makes it even more important to make sure the venue is deep cleaned with extreme care.

Recently we spent three consecutive days there making sure everything was clean and ready for the next couples perfect day. We love working with Alrewas Hayes wedding venue and take pride in being a very small but very significant part of making sure somebodies venue is ready for their every need.

If you work within the events industry and need a caring, friendly team to make your carpets and rugs presentable and new again, or just need some new carpets fitting get in touch with us by emailing  call on: 01543 418 811 or fill out our contact us page.