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Case Study: Modest Carpet Cleaning Lichfield Job Results in Repeat Recommendations

There are many things to consider when deciding on the right business to conduct work in your Lichfield home.

What is their reputation? Are they local? Will they charge me extra for travel? Will they do what they’ve promised to do? How likely is it that they’ll let me down?

The same goes when deciding on a Lichfield carpet cleaning service.

You may trawl the internet looking at recommendations and wondering if you should believe the good reviews, or the not-so good reviews.

Well with Cathedral ChemDry Carpet Cleaning Lichfield service, you don’t have to guess.

Not only do they have over 570 glowing reviews within the Best of Lichfield category, but now there is a case study to prove that no matter what size job or difficulty, Cathedral ChemDry will provide only the highest possible quality service for every Lichfield carpet cleaning need.

Starting Off Small for Carpet Cleaning Whittington

When the carpet cleaning request came through to Neil at Cathedral ChemDry, there wasn’t anything unusual about it. In fact, it was just another request from an existing satisfied customer seeking another small carpet cleaning service in Lichfield, Whittington.

For Cathedral ChemDry however, every carpet cleaning job, large or small, deserves the best possible service, care and attention.

Impressed with prompt response and expert cleaning of this modest job, the Lichfield customer decided to pass on Cathedral ChemDry’s details to the whole committee of the local Lichfield Methodist Church of which they are a member.

Church Committee Praises Carpet Cleaning Services in Lichfield

The recommendation from that small, simple carpet cleaning service in Lichfield soon turned into another request from a different committee member to clean the carpets and a suite in a flat located above a shop in Lichfield.

Again, Cathedral ChemDry maintained their ethos of providing only the best service at all times, for all carpet cleaning jobs.

The result? Two weeks later, the owner of the Lichfield flat who was thrilled with the cleaning transformation requested that another 2 flats have their carpets cleaned… including 2 more suites.

Was this the end of the snowballing recommendations for Cathedral ChemDry’s Lichfield carpet cleaning services? Far from it.

In subsequent weeks following the cleaning of carpets and suites in the Lichfield flats, Cathedral ChemDry was requested to clean the carpeted stairs, landings and public areas of the flats; 15 chairs in the Lichfield Church and another cleaning of carpets and suites in the flat complex.

Guaranteed Results for Customers and Company

Now Cathedral ChemDry is able to offer repeated carpet cleaning services to a number of satisfied customers in Lichfield and all from one modest carpet cleaning service in Whittington,Lichfield.

Once again Cathedral ChemDry has proven the benefits of always giving 100% on every job they attend.

So you can be sure that as a Lichfield resident, whatever service you require from your local Lichfield carpet and upholstery cleaners – you will receive only the very highest quality of service, products and support.

For absolute confidence in the best quality cleaning and care for your Lichfield carpets, sofas, suites and upholstery – contact Lichfield’s Favourite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service for a FREE no obligation quote.