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Cathedral Chemdry’s Neil, gives tired upholstery a clean before Lichfield local restaurant Pom’s Kitchen launches new menu

Local businesses are sometimes in need of a deep clean and a refresh. This usually has to be done within set deadlines. Here at Cathedral ChemDry we are always out working in the local community helping businesses and soft furnishing owners live their day-to-day life worry free, to run their business at a top standard. Recently Neil has helped out at local eatery Pom’s Kitchen.

Pom’s Kitchen is an award winning, family run, restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They proudly serve food made from local produce collaborating wherever they can with local suppliers.

On Monday the 4th of September, Pom’s Kitchen closed for a couple of days to allow time for a refurbishment. When deciding who to contact to clean their upholstery Neil was selected after many great reviews and a search on the Internet.

A new, fresher image

He was called in due to his vast experience in commercial cleaning in Lichfield, to give Pom’s a little bit of love and improve their guest experience, by cleaning their dirty upholstery and chairs. This gave Pom’s the chance to re-open just in time for the launch of their new menu.

Neil was able to clean the seating and upholstery, which took a total of twenty- four hours to dry and sprits the eatery up. Usually upholstery drying takes between twenty- four and thirty- six hours to dry.

The job took a day to complete in all and included the cleaning of all of the chairs, and soft upholstery in the restaurant.

One happy customer said, ‘love the new look Pom’s’, on a positive review of the restaurant, when reviewing food from the new fish and fizz deal on Friday night.

Owner James Pomlett stated: ‘Thank you for your review, its great to hear you loved our new look, we have work hard on improving Pom’s to ensure we can offer our guests the best experience.’

If you need upholstery cleaned in time for a grand reopening, or for any of your commercial or domestic soft flooring needs get in touch today, and Neil at Cathedral ChemDry can help you out. If you intend to keep your upholstiry clean this party season, contact Neil at Cathedral ChemDry on: 01543 418 811 or contact us today Cathedral ChemDry doesn’t fix carpets or upholstery, but we can always recommend an established local soft flooring fixer, The Carpet Surgeon.