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A ‘Permanent’ Grease or Oil Stain on your Sofa or Carpet? Think again

“Noooo!” you cry as your compact eye-shadow explodes all over your cream carpet. “That’ll never come out!” These have been the sorrowful words surrounding many a stained carpet.

Many conclude that some stains, especially greasy marks, are simply impossible to get out of carpets and upholstery. But are they right?


Here at  Cathedral ChemDry we know different. Being award-winning specialists in upholstery and carpet stain removal for the last 25 years, we’ve learned a lot about stains. With this insight, ChemDry has produced a number of specialist cleaning products suitable for a variety of stains.

Look at any top ten worst stains list, and grease will have made the cut. That’s why we have produced a specialist product to tackle oily stains. If you have a badly stained carpet or sofa, before you dash off to replace it, consider what our grease gobbling stain remover can do…

The ‘Impossible’ 4


Butter Stains

Problem: When your toast lands sunny side down on your carpet, you could be forgiven for thinking the grease spots are there to stay. Grease is a tough stain for every-day products to tackle. But, for our specially formulated ‘Grease and Oil Remover,’ it’s a doddle. Watch in amazement as the water-based formula bubbles away on the stain, drawing up the grease and banishing it forever!

Solve: ChemDry’s ‘Grease and Oil Remover’ (water- based and non-toxic)

Cooking Oil


Problem:  Whether its chips or garlic prawns on the menu, it’s the oil in our favourite foods that can make dinner spills seem catastrophic. But spilling oil on your carpet/favourite armchair needn’t be the end of the world. ChemDry’s grease defying formula breaks up the grease and lifts the stain out of its landing spot, leaving your furnishings pristine

 Solve: ChemDry’s ‘Grease and Oil Remover’ 

 Crayon/Marker pen


Problem: When your toddler sees the whole house as a canvas for his art, you can find crayon/marker stains in the most surprising of places.  If your carpet or upholstery has become your little darling’s personal gallery, don’t despair! Our non-toxic formula can remove crayon/marker ink without the nasty chemicals you might expect from other products 

Solve: ‘Grease and Oil Remover 




Problem: Most lipsticks, eye-shadows, eye-liners and foundations contain some form of grease and dye. So when they land where they shouldn’t, you can be left with some embarrassingly stained carpets and upholstery. Our remover works on all sorts of make-up, leaving your carpet or sofa splodge free!

Solve: ChemDry’s Grease and Oil Remover 


Multiple Greasy Stains

Problem: Not only do you have one accidental oily stain on the carpet, but you have a few where your children, pets and a few tipsy friends have left dirty smudges generously across your carpet or sofa. Multiple, tough stains may just be the job for a professional cleaning technicians with access to the right tools for that deep down clean, even on delicate surfaces.


Solve: ChemDry’s Expert Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service 

We know a busy life equals lots of messy mishaps, so remove that extra stress by keeping a can of ChemDry’s ‘Grease and Oil  Remover’ in your cupboard or call ChemDry for a convenient and affordable carpet and upholstery deep clean with transformations just like these.


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