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Professional Carpet Cleaning: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

At first you had absolutely no idea.

That was until you decided to rearrange the furniture and now you can really see just how shockingly dull and dirty the carpet is in comparison to that nice bright, clean patch where your sofa had been sitting.

Carpets are crafty that way – they slowly, but surely grab hold of months of dirt until one day you’re asking yourself, “did I definitely buy a cream carpet… or did it always have this grey hue?”

Unfortunately, an aging carpet’s ability to change colour isn’t the only reason we seek action:

Perhaps you are currently tearing your hair out for one of the following reasons:

  • The other members of your household have an aversion to removing their shoes as per your daily request, resulting in trodden in dirt on your carpet
  • Your beloved pet has marked his territory right in the middle of your carpet
  • Red wine or coffee has been elbowed off the coffee table and has kindly left its stubborn mark

Well in that case (or any case like it) you will be in need of an expert clean, which just so happens to be our speciality.

Now, you might be tempted to simply replace the whole carpet concluding that it would be more cost effective. BUT according to ‘Which?’ the cost to replace a carpet for an average sized room (approx. 15’12”) is up to £710! Let’s talk about the other option then. Carpet Cleaning…

Benefits of Having Your Carpet Cleaned

If you’re already considering having your carpet cleaned, that’s a smart option. Not only is it super convenient (unless you’re really into wandering round carpet showrooms and chatting to sales people), but it also has many benefits such as:                                                                

  1. It’s cheaper than buying a new one
  2. You will be able to host guests without the shame of a grubby carpet
  3. It could lessen the symptoms of your allergies
  4. Your room will smell fresher
  5. Your carpet will last longer
  6. It will be safer for your family as bad bacteria is removed

That’s a lot of benefits! But are number 3 and 6 really true though?! Check out these:

5 Shocking Carpet Facts

  • 85% of a carpet dirt is beneath the surface, difficult to be reached by a vacuum
  • Carpets can hold their own weight in dirt
  • Most people’s carpets are around 4000 times dirtier than toilet seats
  • Dust mites love a dirty carpet
  • Stomach Flu Virus can survive in a carpet for one month

It’s pretty disturbing isn’t it? With a simple call we can handle all these for you, leaving you with a healthier carpet and a healthier family.

Is that all there is to professional carpet cleaning I hear you ask? Here’s what you need to know about using a specialist carpet cleaning service.

Your Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered

  1. Is it better to do it myself?

Our specialist machinery and patented natural solution is used by our trained professionals for outstanding results. If you attempt to clean your whole carpet without these 3 factors you are in danger of damaging your carpet further and may end up having to replace it.

  1. Will the chemicals used be potentially damaging to my carpet/pets/family?

Chemicals? What chemicals?! We use The Natural®, a cleaning solution1 that instead of chemicals, uses predominantly water and bubbles to lift up even the deepest of dirt, making it safe for pets, family, the environment and even the most delicate carpets.

  1. How long before my carpet dries?

Depending on a number of factors, such as air-flow and carpet size the drying times vary, but it usually takes 2-3 hours to dry. 

  1. What areas do you cover?

Lichfield, Tamworth, Burntwood, Burton, Little Aston, Shenstone, Kings Bromley, Yoxall and surrounding villages. 

  1. Is it expensive?

Not at all. For a free quote with no obligation, call Cathedral ChemDry on: 01543 418 811 

When it comes to answering all your carpet cleaning concerns, you’ll find Cathedral ChemDry has you covered with their expert carpet restoration services. 

Visit our before and after gallery2 today and see how carpets just like yours can be transformed conveniently and quickly.