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Removing Blood Stains From Your Carpet

Just when you thought cutting your hand couldn’t get any worse, you came home to realise that it’s also dripped onto the carpet and now its dry.

You know how to get fresh blood out, but dry blood is a completely different ball game! There are plenty of ways you may be able to remove the blood but if you get it wrong you could face the consequences of an even tougher stain.

This past three months has been extremely busy for us and a lot of our call outs have been for blood stains in commercial and owned properties! This is what happened in the Burton and Tamworth area this month.

How to quickly remove smaller blood stains?

Small stains that are caught early can potentially be made less obvious by soaking the stain in cold water which loosens the blood, hot water will make this stain set in which is why you most likely will have to call out a professional at a later stage. There is so much conflicting advice that sometimes it is more appropriate to call out a professional – especially if you have a commercial business. This is usually the most hygienic way to make sure that the blood is fully removed, and no bacteria is left behind.

If you have blood stains in your carpet or upholstery and need a caring, friendly team to make your soft furnishings presentable and new again, or just need some new carpets fitting get in touch with us by emailing  call on: 01543 418 811 or fill out our contact us page. We work in and around the Lichfield, Tamworth, Burton and Burntwood area. Check out some other case studies here.