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Seemingly Unremovable Pet Smells

We’ve all been there, came down stairs first thing in the morning and the dog’s fouled on the carpet, or the cats bought up a hair ball and vomited on the living room floor. It’s even worse when your carpet is brand new and has just been installed!

These stains are hard to remove and most disgusting to clean up but most importantly their odor sticks around for a long time once the mess has gone. Especially if you have more than one dog or pet their odors linger for even longer and leave a ‘wet dog’ smell around the house. This can be a lengthy and hard process to try and remove smells yourself by wasting money on countless amounts of febreeze and vac cleaner that just wont mask the smell!

This was found out by two men, Joe and Andy who bought their first property this year, only to be welcomed by the overwhelming smell of wet dog riddling their new home.

First of all the pair tried a Rug Doctor, a seemingly cheap alternative to a professional that just don’t hit the mark! Rug doctors may seem like a good option but most of the time they are not cut out for some of the really bad stains and smells an old carpet will hold. The Rug Doctor and pulling up the carpet may seem like the only two options, however, this is not the case.

Andy and Joe searched for carpet cleaners in Lichfield and came across Neil who specialises in removing bad smells and stains caused from pets out of carpets. By using his expertise by many years in the industry he removed the smell, whilst the boys sat back and relaxed and left them with a place they could call home and enjoy living!

Neil works within a 50-mile radius of Lichfiled so even if you have bought a property that’s slightly outside give us a call and see what we can do for you!

If you need a carpet cleaning due to bad odor or pet smell from an animal that is or isn’t yours and need a job doing with in a set time frame then get in touch today, and Neil can come to your rescue too. To arrange your stain-free, smell free carpets this year, contact Neil at Cathedral ChemDry on: 01543 418 811 or email