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Show homes need a clean too!

Show home carpet gets a clean from Neil

Every house builder knows that the show home for a new building estate needs to be immaculate and represent the rest of the houses that will be available to buy. There is a lot of psychology involved with the show home, from lighting to the type of polish used on the desk in the upstairs study- everything matters! Even more importantly, the show home usually doubles up as a marketing suite which serves as a hub to get new buyers to sign on the line for the houses still in development!

Show homes put the new builds best foot forward, the show home is usually a higher specification than “standard” homes. Kitchen units, worktops, carpets, lights and other fittings are likely to be at the top end of the range offered by the house builder.

All possible upgrades available will be featured in the show home such as upgrades on flooring, kitchen cabinets, granite worktops, light fittings, burglar alarm, doors, kitchen appliances, and various other fixtures like mirrors etc.

However, sometimes the show home can be visited so many times that when the house needs to be sold to new home owners the carpet is a little bit worn and dirty, which leaves the builders in a sticky situation, do they change the carpets, pay for this themselves and pass the cost on to the house buyers or do they get a deep clean saving expense?

Put your best foot forward!

Recently we’ve carried out some work for Persimmon Homes, who found our website through a search online. They got in touch with us to clean a carpet at a show house in Stoke on Trent. They decided to keep the carpets in the show home in order to be a little more eco- friendly. We cleaned the carpets throughout, and restored this show house into its former glory to be the home it will soon for two lucky buyers!

The job could not have gone any better, and they were thrilled. They were so thrilled that recently they called us back to book another show home in for again the cleaning of all carpets. We can’t wait to work with this company again!

If you would like to find out more about what our carpet cleaning services can offer your show houses or your company get in touch today by emailing  call on: 01543 418 811 or fill out our contact us page.