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The Fountain Refurbishment

Here at Cathedral ChemDry we are always out in the local community helping businesses and carpet owners live their day-to-day life worry free, to run their business at top standard. Recently Neil has helped local pub, The Fountain in Lichfield, who were going under refurbishment clean their carpets after a nightmare problem; a shrunken carpet previously mishandled and un-repairable by a Rug Doctor.

Being a Pub, the carpets and floors at The Fountain in Lichfield were susceptible to all kinds of stains, such as spirits, vomit, beer and mud from all kinds of weather being trodden into the establishment. The people who owned the business, and the refurbishment people couldn’t afford to waste time on their hands and knees scrubbing at seemingly unmovable stains.

Under a strict time limit the pub needed to get the refurbishment handled as quickly as possible so they could re open and start trading again. The pubs refurbishment was being managed by a commercial facilities management company, who needed their work and portfolio to look professional and like they had done a complimentary job on the establishment.

The first carpet cleaner that was hired a Rug Doctor (a machine), this however, was the wrong product used to clean the carpet, which left the pub with a shrunken carpet. They didn’t know how to use it and therefore were left with a mess. In a panic the management company searched for ‘Carpet Cleaners in Lichfield’, and found Neil. Neil truly came to the rescue for this pub as he cleaned the carpets that still needed to be cleaned, all in time for opening!

Neil works within a 50-mile radius of Lichfield, and the management company was so happy they have said they will use Neil again for other establishments in the midlands, including and surrounding Lichfield when they manage their next refurbishments!

If you have dirty carpets and dirty upholstery and need a job doing with in a set time frame just like The Fountain, Lichfield, then get in touch today, and Neil can come to your rescue too. To arrange your stain-free company carpets this year, contact Neil at Cathedral ChemDry on: 01543 418 811 or email