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Upholstery Cleaning: The Best Way to an Immaculate Sofa

Let me guess.

You’ve finally discovered that Bolognese stain on the sofa that your husband tried to hide under a cushion.

Or perhaps your mother-in-law has recently made a sniffy remark along the lines of, “well this old thing’s seen better days.”

Either way, you have come to the realisation that you are running out of cushions and throws to hide your dingy chairs and action needs to be taken.


You could spend your hard earned cash on a brand new sofa suite as a replacement, but more importantly, you could play it smart and save yourself a small fortune by having your upholstery professionally cleaned and transformed back into a set of classy armchairs that you can be proud of.

Well our upholstery cleaning services at Cathedral ChemDry can sort out your stains and silence your mother-in-law (well, regarding the sofa at least.)

We know that upholstery stains can cause you stress; but with our astonishing transformations, we can provide you that much needed relief with a convenient service and great value for money.

A Hot Bubble Bath for Your Sofa

Imagine soaking yourself in a hot tub full of mineral water, the refreshing bubbles cleaning you …well, everywhere. That’s what it’s like for your sofa or armchair when we use our hot carbonating extraction method to clean out all the nasties.

Using our customer approved method, water and dirt is extracted without damage to ensure your chair dries quickly; this avoids any lingering damp smells or residues that could attract further dirt, allowing you chance to rest back in your favourite spot in time for EastEnders.

The upholstery hot carbonating extraction is one of the top most effective ways to completely transform your upholstered furniture leaving you with astonishing results and a stainless, great smelling sofa boasting a brand new appearance; just like our before and after pictures1 which showcase amazing results.

Do you know how you feeling after a detox, all clean and smug? Neither do I.  But you can imagine that’s exactly how your sofa and armchair feels after being given the 5 star treatment of a deep clean (if sofa’s had feelings).

So How Exactly Does ChemDry Upholstery Cleaning Work?

In the words of Jennifer Aniston: ‘now for the science part.’

Our hot bubbles enter deep into your sofa or chair, disturbing ingrained dirt and bacteria, bringing it to the surface where it’s promptly extracted by our machine.

This is what one satisfied customer had to say:

“I am very pleased with my experience with your company my sofas look almost brand new…”

Sonja G.

What’s more you don’t even have to lift a finger!  One of our friendly trained professionals will do the work for you.

So make sure next time your mother-in-law is round, you can bask in the glory as she opens her mouth, looks at your beautiful sofa and remains silent. And if she comments on the state of the carpet instead… well, we can help2 there too.

So what’s the best way to an immaculate sofa? Simply contacting3 Cathedral ChemDry today, on 01543 418 811.